To Continue your Application, please read and acknowledge this Addendum to the Rental Application below.

Addendum to Rental Application

With respect to the following questions / statements, I acknowledge that I, nor ANYONE who will be residing with me, has NEVER:

  • Been convicted of any crime? [ ]Yes [ ] No
  • Been placed on probation, parole? [ ]Yes [ ] No
  • Been registered as a sex offender? [ ]Yes [ ] No
  • Been in a gang, or are you currently a member of a gang? [ ]Yes [ ] No
  • Been involved in, or are you currently involved in any illegal activity? [ ]Yes [ ] No
  • Been evicted or had a forcible detainer filed against you? [ ]Yes [ ] No
  • Been a petitioner in a case at bankruptcy court? [ ]Yes [ ] No
  • Had a warrant, or do you currently have a warrant for your arrest? [ ]Yes [ ] No
  • Moved to avoid eviction or because of problems with a tenant or landlord? [ ]Yes [ ] No
  • Please explain all “YES” answers in detail. (What happened, when, where and the results.)

If the answer or answers to any of the above questions / statements is YES, please print this form, fill it out completely and submit it to our office with full explanation of any YES answers.

I, the undersigned, hereby attest that all the information furnished on this page is, to the best of my knowledge, complete and accurate. I understand that the discovery of false, misleading, or omitted information shall constitute grounds for rejection of this application. I hereby authorize the property owner, or agent(s) to verify any information provided in connection with this application for tenancy. I hereby authorize all persons or entities, named or unnamed in this application, to provide any and all requested information concerning me or anyone in my charge who will be residing with me. I hereby forever fully release and hold harmless from any and all liability any person or entity releasing such information in his application for tenancy.

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